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FarmVille Avalon Explained by Zynga

Posted on January 12, 2015 2:14 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Avalon Wilderlands Banner

FarmVille Avalon Wilderlands Banner

If you are reading this you likely still care about FarmVille and are wondering what’s going in with FarmVille’s newest (and first of its kind) farm expansion. Zynga kicks off 2015 with a new FarmVille expansion called Avalon that is newly available starting today, January 12th.

Avalon is a new type of game expansion that hopes to please FarmVille players who enjoy expansions, but may have become overwhelmed with the onslaught of new farms and the length of time they debuted in with roughly a new FarmVille farm every two months. That’s a lot of farming even for FarmVille Freaks and for many players it became too much to handle and maybe even took away from the gameplay. It’s also okay if you enjoyed the fast pace of aquiring more FarmVille farms because Zynga will continue to roll out new farms, but it will be a little different than expected.

FarmVille Avalon Wilderlands Travel Notice

FarmVille Avalon Wilderlands Travel Notice

FarmVille Avalon will have a slower roll out that will occur in two phases referred to as “seasons.”  The first FarmVille Avalon phase or season starts today and the second Avalon season will begin in March 2015. Land expansions will work differently too. Brace for it- each season will have 16 different land expansions.  Don’t run away just yet, because there’s some good news. As you level up you will unlock further expansions 1 through 6. Then, you will have the opportunity to unlock further expansions (Expansions 7-16) by purchasing them with Farm Cash at a cost of 99 FV$ Farm Cash each (Ouch!) and eventually unlocking by purchasing them with Farm Coins. Note, the farms are larger starting out than the typical farms have been and will include more land area to maximize plots.

FarmVille Avalon Guide (Click to download entire PDF)

FarmVille Avalon Guide (Click to download entire PDF)

Please continue reading more about FarmVille Avalon as explained directly by Zynga.

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